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1/8 Machester City - Manchester United

I decided to add such graphics to make my analysis more friendly.

This match will be tough for both teams. Manchester United had lost it's two last
games, but it didn't mean they will lose. This will be Manchester's derby, both
teams will be supported by loyal supporters. Manchester City team won their
 last match with rather good-performing Liverpool F.C., while Manchester United
players didn't score any goal in last match excluding own goal. They will surely
 be very motivated to show their fans that they are the best team in town. In my opinion 
many goals will be scored, I think none of these two teams will concentrate on defence
 only. This game surely is worth seeing, even if you aren't fan of any of these teams.
Watch it just to see beatiful soccer. Enjoy!


  1. nice post! i am a soccer ref =D

    hello my polish friend


  2. I hope City can have a good season this year