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1/11 Tottenham Hotspur - Everton F.C.

1/11 at GMT 7:45 PM on White Heart Lane in Londo
we  will se game played between teams  of  Tottenham
Hotspur and  Everton F.C.  Hosts are on third place in
league with 42,  points (19 matches played), and   their
opponents are on eleventh place with 24 matches (also
19 matches played).Tottenham's team prefers playing at
their home stadium and the Toffees perform better when
playing as guests, so both teams will probably show their
best. The  Spurs  won  7/9 matches home, drawed once
scoring average 2.0 goals per match , and losing average
0.89 goal per match.Their rivals won 4/9,lost 4/9, scoring
0.89 goal per match,and losing 2.22 goals per match.Hosts
are  performing  very  well,  they  are  usually  winning with
clean   sheet.  This game  won't  be e asy for both teams, I
think both of them will score at least one goal,  and the most
possible winner is Tottenham Hotspur. Enjoy!

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