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1/27 Hannover 96 - Nürnberg

This Friday on AWD-Arena on GMT 7:30 PM we will see Bundesliga match played between teams of Hannover 96 and Nurnberg. It's second round after winter break, so players will surely perform well after such long holidays. When playing at home stadium, Die Roten are on 7th position in division with match balance 4 - 5 - 0, scoring average 1,55 goal per match and losing average 1,11 goal per match, while their opponents are on 10th place, won 3 matches, drawed 0, lost 6, scoring average 0,77 goal per match, losing average 1,77 goal per match. Despite of few places dividing both teams of table, everything is possible, Hannover team never lost any match in this season, and probably this game won't change it, but it's probable that match will end with draw as a result, however guests win is most likely scenario.

1/27 Everton - Fulham

This Friday on GMT 8 PM on Goodison Park we will see FA Cup fourth round match. Both teams are performing in Premier League on daily basis, guests are on 14th place, and hosts are 2 places higher. The Toffees are on 14th place also when playing home, with match balance 3 - 3 - 5 , scoring average 1 goal per match, and losing average 1,18 goal per match, while their rivals when playing as hosts are on 18th place, bottom of table, won just 1 match, drawed 5 and lost 5, scoring average 0.63 goal per match and losing average 1,27 goal per match. When we are looking on both teams' last 6 matches we can see that the both they were performing similar recently - The Cottagers match balance is  2 - 2 - 2, GF 10, GA 13, while rivals' match balance is the same - 2 - 2 - 2, but they scored 5 goals, and lost 6 goals. This match will probably be interesting, as we can't clearly see who is favorite, in my opinion Everton win and draw are possible scenarios.  

1/27 Watford - Tottenham Hotspur

This Friday, on GMT 7:45 PM we will see match played as a part of FA Cup - 4th round. Teams are playing in different divisions, hosts are on 18th position in The Championship - second division, and guests are on 3rd place in Premier League. Even after seeing these statistics we could almost clearly tell who will win. The Hornets, when playing home are also on 18th place, with match balance 5 - 4 - 5, scoring average 1,35 goal per match and losing average 1,42 goal per match, while the Spurs playing away won 6, drawed 2, lost 3, scoring 1,82 goal per match, losing 1,36 goal per match. Despite of visible Tottenham dominance odds are very nice, in my opinion Tottenham will win without doubt. Enjoy!


1/22 Manchester City - Tottenham Hotspur

On Sunday, 1/22 at GMT 1:30 PM we have two most interesting matches of week. One of them, is match played between teams of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur. Both teams are on top of table, Manchester is first when playing on Etihad Stadium ( 10 - 0 - 0 ), scoring average 3,1 goals per match and losing just 0,4 goal per match, while the Spurs are on third place when playing as guests ( 6 - 2 - 2 ), scoring average 1,8 goals per match, losing average 1,2 goals per match. Both teams need to gain 3 points in this game - on Sunday will also be played match between Arsenal and Manchester United. Although the Gunners can't hop in best three, rest of teams can change their places. All of they will play to win, draw isn't good for any of them. If you look at my favorite bookmacher - Pinnaclesports.com odds you can see - ManC - 1.86, Tottenham - 4,00, draw 3.5 - these numbers tell us, that Manchester City is most likely to win, but I'm sure that Spurs will show what they are able to do, even with such well-performing opponents. Enjoy !


1/21 Schalke 04 - Sttutgart

After yesterday's interesting match between Borussia M'gladbach and Bayern Munchen (http://goo.gl/Ln3dW) today, on Saturday at 2:30 PM GMT, 9:30 AM EST, we will see match played between teams of Schalke 04 and Stuttgart. Hosts are on top of table when playing on Veltins-Arena, exactly on 3rd place with match balance ( 7 - 0 - 2 ), they scored average 2,88 goals per match, and lost average 1 goal per match. That shows they are performing very well, while Die Roten are on 12th place in Bundesliga, when playing away ( 2 - 2 -4 ), scored average 1 goal per match, and lost average 1,38 goal per match. They lost their last matches even with low end teams like Mainz 05 ( 3:1 ). Theses statistics show which team is more likely to win. However, teams may have changed their technique during winter break. This is one of matches I betted on Betclic. I choosed it, because odds on Schalke were 1,85 which is very high, when we are looking at statistics, draw 4,00, VfB Stuttgart 5,10. In my oppinion S04 will defeat their rivals and stay on top ! Enjoy. You can watch this game on http://goo.gl/5QUC5 or http://goo.gl/XzCP0 - this sites are full of ads, so don't be discouraged


El Clásico - 1/18

Title says for itself. Today on Santiago Bernabeu at GMT 9PM will be played one of Copa del Rey quarter-finals. Los Galacticos will be hosting team of Barcelona. Both teams are performing really well, Real has one lost in last five matches and it was with their today rival (1:3), and Barca drawed one match in last five, when playing as hosts with Espanyol. Today Real is in better place, because they are second in Premier League when playing on their own stadium (7 - 0 - 1) (34GF,11GA), and Barcelona also prefers playing as hosts. As guests, they are on third place in league (3 - 4 - 1) (12GF,9GA). As you can see goal and win balance tells that Real is favorite today, but when looking on last matches between these teams - in last 10 matches Barca won 6 times, and draw occured 4 times. Real didn't won any time. In my oppinion draw is most possible scenario, but it is really hard to tell, as you don't know how each player will be performing under the pressure of own and rival's afficiandos. Enjoy !


Poland defeats Slovakia - handball

Although I prefer watching and playing football than any other sport, I'm very glad that our national team literally destroyed Poland's southern neighbors. After lost with Serbia on Sunday ( 18:22 ) I thought that polish team morale will be lowered but there we go ! Bogdan Wenta squad had little predominance throughout whole match, but Poles showed what they are capable to do in second half, scoring twice more points than Slovakians. Match ended with result 24 : 41 for Poland. Best Slovakian scorer was P. Kukucka with 5 goals, and in polish team best scorer was G.Tkaczyk with 8 goals scored. Next match Polish team will play is on 1/19 with Danish team, and that game will be big challenge for hosts. Sometimes it is worth to forget about football and turn channel to other sports. 


American Apparel

This is the first post from series, where I'll be describing interesting and affordable for most of us. American Apparel Clothing.Brand was founded in 1989 in Los Angeles, CA by Dov Charner, Canadian named by the Los Angeles  Times   as  one  of  100 top powerful   people  in  Southern  Cali.  He  started  with producing basic t-shirts, and company was evolving so fast, that in 2000 was production was moved  to  huge  ( 800 000 sq ft, 74 000 m2) factory in dowtown Los Angeles.All of their clothing is produced in  U.S.A., and is "sweatshop" free- average pay per hour is $12, while employees of other clothing brands, which have their factories in Asia earn about $0.4, it  is said to be best paying apparel brand. In 2007 goods worth 125 mil-lion dollars were sold outside of America.In 2008 American Apparel has retail stores in many European countries,Japan,Australia,Israel. Their site AmericanApparel.net receive about 1,5 million visitors per month. They are using interesting form of online advertising - models look naturally, girls are pretty.  Just look :

Clothes they are providing are usually basic, colorful, often organic cotton is an option. You can find
everything from outerwear to underwear. Some of men clothes are too"girly" for me, like transparent tees, deep cleavages, but I'm sure they also have their fans. One classic is their hoody, with white zip, must-have one. Unfortunately i'm not able to describe women section, as I'm not woman, but when I see girls from advertises I'm sure they are amazing also. Prices : t-shirts from $18, sweatshirts from $46, pants from
about $70.
American Apparel London - 9 - +44 (0) 20 7284 2623 Carnaby, 3 Carnaby St.                                         American Apparel Mexico City - La Roma, Colima 112 (esq. Mérida) Col. Roma                                       American Apparel Netherlands - Noordermarkt, Westerstraat nr. 59-61                                                                 And much more - check on http://americanapparel.net/storelocations/Index.aspx
It's good choice for people who want look neat, but don't like suits. And remember about how they treat their employees


1/14 Chelsea - Sunderland

Chelsea F.C.
Sunderland A.F.C.
Matches played
19 pts, 9 matches – 6/1/3
11 pts, 10 matches – 3/2/5
Goal balance home/away
23 GF / 16 GA = +7
13 GF / 12 GA = +1
Form ( last 6 matches)
2,3,1, (8GF,8GA)
4/1/1, (11GF/6GA)

On Saturday we will se match played between teams of Chelsea F.C. and
Sunderland A.F.C.. Match will be played on Stamford Bridge. The Blues
are on fourth place in division, and their opponents hold tenth place. Team
of Chelsea is performing better, but are not in the best form recently. They
lost their match, with rather weak Aston Villa ( http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.
The Mackems won their last two matches when playing away, with Q.P.R.
and Wigan A. They lost less goals than team of Chelsea in this season, how-
ever they scored also less. The Blues scored average 2.56 goals per match,
and lost 1,78 goal per match, when playing home, and their rivals scored
average 1,3 goal, lost 1,2 goal when playing away. I think Chelsea will do
their best to win, after embarassing loss, and they are the most possible win-
ner in this game. Enjoy


1/11 Tottenham Hotspur - Everton F.C.

1/11 at GMT 7:45 PM on White Heart Lane in Londo
we  will se game played between teams  of  Tottenham
Hotspur and  Everton F.C.  Hosts are on third place in
league with 42,  points (19 matches played), and   their
opponents are on eleventh place with 24 matches (also
19 matches played).Tottenham's team prefers playing at
their home stadium and the Toffees perform better when
playing as guests, so both teams will probably show their
best. The  Spurs  won  7/9 matches home, drawed once
scoring average 2.0 goals per match , and losing average
0.89 goal per match.Their rivals won 4/9,lost 4/9, scoring
0.89 goal per match,and losing 2.22 goals per match.Hosts
are  performing  very  well,  they  are  usually  winning with
clean   sheet.  This game  won't  be e asy for both teams, I
think both of them will score at least one goal,  and the most
possible winner is Tottenham Hotspur. Enjoy!


1/8 Machester City - Manchester United

I decided to add such graphics to make my analysis more friendly.

This match will be tough for both teams. Manchester United had lost it's two last
games, but it didn't mean they will lose. This will be Manchester's derby, both
teams will be supported by loyal supporters. Manchester City team won their
 last match with rather good-performing Liverpool F.C., while Manchester United
players didn't score any goal in last match excluding own goal. They will surely
 be very motivated to show their fans that they are the best team in town. In my opinion 
many goals will be scored, I think none of these two teams will concentrate on defence
 only. This game surely is worth seeing, even if you aren't fan of any of these teams.
Watch it just to see beatiful soccer. Enjoy!

1/8 Chelsea F.C. - Portsmouth F.C.

1/8 at GMT 3PM on Stamford Bridge we will see
match played between teams of Chelsea F.C. and
Portsmouth F.C. This game will be part of FA Cup.
The Blues are performing in Premier League, and
their rivals are playing in Championship (second
division). Hosts aren't in best form recently. Their
didn't win their last two matches when playing as
hosts (draw with Fulham, loss with Aston Villa).
They won 6/10 matches, lost 3/10) scoring average
2,3 goals per match and lossing 1,6 goals per match.
Pompey team is on 21 place in league, drawed 4/12,
lost 7/12 and won only once, scoring 0.67 goals per
match,and lossing 1.34 goals per match. The Blues
are absolutely favorite, and its almost sure that they
will eliminate Portsmouth team from cup.


1/7 Real Madrid - Granada

Saturday, at GMT 7PM on Santiago Bernabeu we will see match between
Real Madrid and Granada. It's the 18th week of season, first
after winter break. Match is part of Primera Division. Real M.
is performing well, both as guests and as hosts. They won 6/7
matches as host, lost 1, with Barcelona, which is performing
outstanding. Los Galacticos scored, when playin on its home
stadium average of 4,14 goals per match, and lost average
1.43 goals per match. Their opponents are on 16th place in
league, won 2/7 matches and lost 5/7 matches, scoring avg.
0.43 goals per match, losing also 1.43 goals per match. How-
ever it's almost certain, that Real will win this match with clean
sheet. In their last match, they showed that they are are able
to get out from difficult situation (http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com
html) - they won scoring 3 goals in last 25 minutes. This game
will be probably very easy for them. Enjoy.


Summary - First week

I want to provide you results of all matches, to
which I wrote analysis ant posted on this blog.

12/28 Celtic - Rangers - 1:0 - Prediction succesful
12/30 Liverpool - Newcastle - 3:1 - Prediction succesful
12/31 Arsenal - Q.P.R. - 1:0 - Prediction succesful
1/2 Aston Villa - Swansea City - 0:2 - Prediction failed
1/3 Real Madrid - Malaga CF - 3:2 - Prediction succesful
1/3 Manchester City - Liverpool F.C. - 3:0 - Prediction succesful
1/3 Tottenham Hotspur - West Bromwich Albion - 2:1 - Prediction succesful
1/4 Newcastle United - Manchester United - 3:0 - Prediction failed

So far 75% (6/8) of my predictions came true. This isn't the best
result I can achieve so I will pay more attention, to write and
predict better, to not misled you. As you know, there is no man who
would predict all results, hence surprises are part of soccer.
Keep up with my blog, I'll try to post as many accurate analysis as
I can. Thank you for visiting my page !

1/7 Tottenham Hotspur - Cheltenham Town

On Saturday at GMT 3 PM on White Hart Lane in London
we will see match played between teams of Tottenham
Hotspur and Cheltenham Town. This game will be part of
FA Cup. The Spurs are on fourth place in league, when
playing home won 7/9 matches, drawed 1/9, scoring ave-
rage 1,8 goals per match, losing 0.8 goals per match.
Their opponents won 7/12 games, drawed 2/12 scoring
average 1,67 goals per match, lossing 1,25 goals per
match. They are on second position in league, when
playing away. Host are performing in Premier League
and guests in League Two, which is fourth division.
That game would be probably piece of cake for Spurs
and they are most likely to gain 3 points.

1/7 Fulham F.C. - Charlton Athletic F.C.

1/7 at GMT 3PM on Craven Cottage we we will see a game between
teams of Fulham and Charlton Athletic. The ma-
tch will be part of the FA Cup. Both teams are
from London. The Cottagers are performing in
Premier League in this season, while the Addicks
are playing in League One (third division). Ful-
ham playing as hosts is on 11 place, won 4/10,
drawed 3/10, scoring average 1.6 goals per match
,losing 1,5 goals. Their rivals are on the first
place, when playing away, won 9/13, drawed 2/13,
scoring 1,77 goals per match, losing 0.65 goals
per match. If we look at these statistics, we could
think that both teams are likely to win, but remem-
ber the difference between playing in first and third
division. This probably will end with gainful for Ful-
ham result.

1/9 Arsenal - Leeds United

On Saturday at GMT 7:45 PM on Emirates Stadium in London
we will see match played between teams of Arsenal London
and Leeds United. This game will be  part of FA Cup. The
Gunners are performing in Premier League and hold fifth
place, while their opponents are playing in Championship
(second league) on eighth position. Arsenal prefer pla-
ying on their own stadium, they are on second place in
league with 7/10 wins, scoring 1,6 goals per match, lo-
sing 0,6 goals per match. The Peacocks playing as guests
are on 4th place with 5/13 wins and 3/13 draws, scoring
1,69 goals per match, losing 1,54 goals per match. We must
remember that these two leagues have other standard of
playing. Sometimes surprise can occure, but in this game
Arsenal win is the most possible result of this game.


1/4 Newcastle United - Manchester United

Today at GMT 20 PM on St James' Park we will se match between
teams of Newcastle United and Manchester United.In their last
five meetings ManU won twice, draw appeared three times.The
Red Devils are playing well recently. They lost just one match
in last 6, scored 19 and lost 4 goals, while Newcastle one once
drawed once, and lost four times, scoring 7, losing 13 goals.
ManU is on the first place in Premier League, when playing as
guests, in this season they never were defeated, drawed 2 times
won 7 times. Unfornately for the themselves, the Magpies prefer
playing as guests, so today it would be tough game for them.
The Red Devils, lose average 0.33 goal per match when playing
outside their home stadium, score average 2.11 goal. And New-
castle scores 1,33 goal per match, lose average 1,22 goal per
match. ManU lost their last match with rather weak opponent -
West Bromwich Albion 2:3, so they surely will not want to let
their rivals score any goal. In my opinion the Red Devils will
gain 3 points today. Enjoy!


1/3 Tottenham Hotspur - West Bromwich Albion

Today at CET 9:45 PM on White Hart Lane we will se match between
teams of Tottenham Hotspur and West Bromwich Albion. Spurs are
performing well recently. When playing at home, they won 6 matches,
draw once (with Chelsea) and lost also once (with Man. City). In last
six matches they scored average 2 goals per match, lost 0,5 goal per
match. Their rivals prefer playing as guests, and in last six games they
scored exactly the same they lost - average 1.67 per match. Recently,
they also are in good form, they won with Newcastle U. and Aston
Villa. However today, in my opinion Tottenham will want to score 3
points, after their last draw, so they won't let Chelsea be overtaken.
Draw is also possible, as there are so many surprises in Premier Lea-
gue recently (see http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/football/premier-
Enjoy !


Progressive betting

Beside soccer matches analysis I'll be sharing with you odds betting systems. First one which I want to describe is progressive betting.  Maybe some of youheard about this. It's very simply to explain. Firstly, you choose discipline in whichyou'll be betting. I recommend hockey especially  US National Hockey League (NHL). You can also try with football - choose leagues, in which draws are mostlikely. I recommend - Italian Serie B , Belgian Pro League, French League 1. In this season, in these leagues, average 30% of matches ended as draw. Next you choose team. I can't tell you which teams will perform most draws. Often these are those from bottom of table. You can check standings of all leagues all almostall team sports on http://www.scoresway.com/. I highly recommend you this page,I'm using it to check all the details about all matches. In NHL, I recommend bettingon New Jersey Devils. Of course, teams' form is often changing so you must checkon websites, how they are performing. We will be betting on draws. When you have
chosen your team, just bet minimal wager on draw. Depending on result of match, youdouble stake if draw didn't happen, or bet again minimal stake if draw happened. I'llshow you an example:
Usually odds on draw are about 4(decimal) , 3/1 (fraction), 300 (american)
We start with wage of $2
Thu 01/12/11 N Colorado Avalanche 6 - 1  New Jersey Devils  $2 - LOSE Balance = -$2
Sat  03/12/11 N Minnesota Wild        4 - 2  New Jersey Devils  $4 - LOSE Balance = -$6
Sun 04/12/11 N Winnipeg Jets            4 - 2  New Jersey Devils $8 - LOSE Balance =  -$14
Wed 07/12/11 N Toronto Maple Leafs 2 - 3 E New Jersey Devils  $16 - WIN = Balance = +$34
Fri 09/12/11 N New Jersey Devils P   5 - 4  Ottawa Senators  $2 - WIN  Balance =  +$30
Sat 10/12/11 N New Jersey Devils     1 - 2  Montreal Canadiens  $2 - LOSE Balance =  +$28
Tue 13/12/11 N Tampa Bay Lightning 4 - 5  New Jersey Devils  $4 - LOSE Balance =  +$24
Wed 14/12/11 N Florida Panthers      2 - 3 P New Jersey Devils  $8 - WIN Balance =  +$48
Sat 17/12/11 N New Jersey Devils     6 - 3  Dallas Stars  $2 - LOSE Balance =  +$46
Sun 18/12/11 N Montreal Canadiens  3 - 5  New Jersey Devils $4 - LOSE Balance =  +$42
Wed 21/12/11 N New Jersey Devils  1 - 4  New York Rangers  $8 - LOSE Balance =  +$34
Sat 24/12/11 N New Jersey Devils P  4 - 3  Washington Capitals  $16 - WIN Balance =  +$84
Tue 27/12/11 N Carolina Hurricanes  4 - 2  New Jersey Devils  $2 LOSE Balance =  +$82
Thu 29/12/11 N New Jersey Devils   3 - 1  Buffalo Sabres  $4 LOSE Balance = +$78
Sat 31/12/11 N New Jersey Devils    3 - 1  Pittsburgh Penguins $8 LOSE  Balance = +$70

The more matches without draw, the more money you get when draw happen. Remember, after every match without draw you double stake, after every match with draw you return to opening stake - in this
example that was $2. In this example $68 was earned, but if you had started with $10 your balance would be +$350. All you need is patience and money. You must have enough money, to don't stop it, because if you stop after about 6 matches without draw, you would lose much money. But if you have money to bet again, after 7 matches you could win (2^7)*4 which is  $512. Remember, I'm only advicing, not encouraging you. If betting is illegal in your country don't do it. If you are under 18 don't do it. I'm not responsible for your actions.

1/3 Manchester City - Liverpool F.C.

01/03 at CET 9PM, we will see match between two teams from
North West England. The game will be hosted by Manchester City,
at their Etihad Stadium. Looking at this season , we could see that
hosts are performing much better. Liverpool is on 6th place with 34
points, exactly like Chelsea London, although The Blues goal balance
is better. The Reds prefer playing away, in season 2011/12 they won
5 games, drawed 1 and lost 3, so far. Their last match,as guests with
Wigan Athletic was drawed 0:0. In all 9 games away,they scored 10,
lost 7, when their rivals scored 28 and lost only 4. The Citizens won
all of their matches on Etihad Stadium, so probably The Reds won't
change it. However,their goal is guarded well, when playing away they
lost average of 0.33 goal per match in last six games, so most likely
there won't be many goals in this match. I think, that after tough duel
the Citizens will score 3 points.

1/3 Real Madrid - Malaga CF

01/03 at CET 10PM we will see one of 8th finals
of Copa del Rey. Match will be played on Santiago
Bernabéu in Madrid. Their opponents is team of
Málaga. Both teams are playing in Primera División.
Los Blancos are in outstanding form. When they
were playing at their stadium,in last six games they
scored average of 4.17 goals, lost just 1.33 goal
.They are beating all of their rivals, and have just
one setback recently -when playing with Barcelona.
Malaga, when playing as guests, in last six games
scored average of 0,83 goals per match, losing 1,83.
Just by looking and comparing these statistics, we
could be sure who will get 3 points in this game.
To show significant dominance of Los Galacticos
let see goal differences of these two teams. Real,
in whole Primera Division season scored 56, lost
15 - balance is +41, and Malaga scored 20, lost
22-balance is -2. Hopefully Real will show how
soccer should be played, and lot of goals will
be scored. Enjoy.  


1/2 Aston Villa - Swansea City

1/2 at CET 4PM Aston Villa will be hosting team of Swansea City.
The Villans won they last match with Chelsea F.C. 3:1. Probably
they morale are high. The Swans drawed in last game with Tottenham
Hotspur, and that was also a succes, hence Tottenham is on second place
in League when playing away. Aston Villa lost last 3 games when
playing home, scoring 1, losing 5 goals. Swansea drawed once, lost
twice, scoring 2, losing 5 goals. Both teams won't be in their favo-
rite places (host-guest). The Villans in last 6 games, won twice, drawed
once lost 3 times, goal difference -1, when the Swans won once, drawed
3 times, lost 2 times, goal difference also -1. I think, there won't be
a lot of goals in this game, like under 2.5. In my opinion the Villans will win
first game in last four, at home, and they will score one goal more than their rivals.