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1/7 Tottenham Hotspur - Cheltenham Town

On Saturday at GMT 3 PM on White Hart Lane in London
we will see match played between teams of Tottenham
Hotspur and Cheltenham Town. This game will be part of
FA Cup. The Spurs are on fourth place in league, when
playing home won 7/9 matches, drawed 1/9, scoring ave-
rage 1,8 goals per match, losing 0.8 goals per match.
Their opponents won 7/12 games, drawed 2/12 scoring
average 1,67 goals per match, lossing 1,25 goals per
match. They are on second position in league, when
playing away. Host are performing in Premier League
and guests in League Two, which is fourth division.
That game would be probably piece of cake for Spurs
and they are most likely to gain 3 points.

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