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American Apparel

This is the first post from series, where I'll be describing interesting and affordable for most of us. American Apparel Clothing.Brand was founded in 1989 in Los Angeles, CA by Dov Charner, Canadian named by the Los Angeles  Times   as  one  of  100 top powerful   people  in  Southern  Cali.  He  started  with producing basic t-shirts, and company was evolving so fast, that in 2000 was production was moved  to  huge  ( 800 000 sq ft, 74 000 m2) factory in dowtown Los Angeles.All of their clothing is produced in  U.S.A., and is "sweatshop" free- average pay per hour is $12, while employees of other clothing brands, which have their factories in Asia earn about $0.4, it  is said to be best paying apparel brand. In 2007 goods worth 125 mil-lion dollars were sold outside of America.In 2008 American Apparel has retail stores in many European countries,Japan,Australia,Israel. Their site AmericanApparel.net receive about 1,5 million visitors per month. They are using interesting form of online advertising - models look naturally, girls are pretty.  Just look :

Clothes they are providing are usually basic, colorful, often organic cotton is an option. You can find
everything from outerwear to underwear. Some of men clothes are too"girly" for me, like transparent tees, deep cleavages, but I'm sure they also have their fans. One classic is their hoody, with white zip, must-have one. Unfortunately i'm not able to describe women section, as I'm not woman, but when I see girls from advertises I'm sure they are amazing also. Prices : t-shirts from $18, sweatshirts from $46, pants from
about $70.
American Apparel London - 9 - +44 (0) 20 7284 2623 Carnaby, 3 Carnaby St.                                         American Apparel Mexico City - La Roma, Colima 112 (esq. Mérida) Col. Roma                                       American Apparel Netherlands - Noordermarkt, Westerstraat nr. 59-61                                                                 And much more - check on http://americanapparel.net/storelocations/Index.aspx
It's good choice for people who want look neat, but don't like suits. And remember about how they treat their employees


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