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12/31 Arsenal - Q.P.R.

On December 31st there we will see match between Arsenal London and Queens Park Rangers
Match will be started at CET 4PM. Both teams aren't  in their best form. In last 6 matches, the Gunners
won 3, drawed 2, lost 1, while QPR drawed 2, lost 4. Arsenal's goal difference is +5 (9GF,4GA) and Hoops'
difference is -5 (GF5,GA10). In season 2011/12 Arsenal, when playing on Emirates Stadium won 6/9 matches, lost only one. QPR as guests, won 3/9 lost 5. After last draw,with rather weak opponent (http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/dec/27/arsenal-wolverhampton-wanderers-premier-league)
I'm sure they won't let score they opponents any goal. They probably won't disregard this opponent, and in this matchthey will gain 3 points, winning with Queens Park Rangers. Hoops, in their last 12 visits to Arsenal won just 1 time. I also think, that Robin van Persie will score at least 1 goal in this match, he is nearly beating the record of Alan Shearer (36 goals in Premier League in calendar year). Enjoy watching.



Everybody have seen Moon for about million times. For many people it may be nothing,
just orb. But in my opinion it's something more. Something more mystical. It was
always important thing in culture of many nations. Thanks to moon people were able
to notice passage of time - by observating Moon phases. That's how lunar calendar
works. It was used by such civilisations as Celtic and Hindu. Maybe some of you know,
that word "month" derived from Proto-Germanic *maenṓth- which is related to Moon. Same
thing is in Polish "miesiąc" means month and also moon (in Old Polish language). In
tribal beliefs, looking at Moon could make you go crazy somehow, especially full Moon.
It was also said by philosophers as Pliny the Elder and Aristotle. One time I heard,
that you shouldn't place baby's bed in Moonlight, because they will become lunatics.
I'm sure it's not true, but it's interesting how people's mind are/were commited to moon.
Of course, people in the past were worshipping Moon as God, usually with Sun as his partner.
Example are Máni and Sól in Norse mythology. I know everyone of you heard lot of legends
about weird things like werewolves and other creatures. Werewolf, is mythological and folkloric
creature. It is human with ability to change in antropomorphic wolf-like being. It's also called
that it can be killed only with silver weapon, or bullet. I know you wouldn't want to meet him
while walking around meadow or forest. The other thing, is lunacy. Person who suffer from it walks
during sleep. It can be dangerous both for him and other people. It must be scary to wake up and see
someone staring at you with closed eyes. Or holding his hands round your neck. It was said that this
disorder is caused by Moon, but there is no evidence to prove it. You know, there's one powerful religion
with crescent as its symbol. I don't know how they understand moon, but probably it's something important for them. Maybe any of You know about it ? We will be able to see full Moon on
9th January 2012, maybe you should check if there is no werewolves in your yard.

And bonus for you:

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Be aware that it's my first attempt to write book review, so it may not be the best write-up you have ever read.

So, last month I read this book. I found it on http://www.modernlibrary.com/top-100/100-best-novels/
On this page you can find 100 best novels according to readers and guys who run this page. I have read
about fifteen books from this list so far, and I never was disappointed. I went to the library, got it
and was very happy. The book is quite thick, about 500 pages, but it didn't bore me at any part of it.
The novel tells the story of ex-prisoner Tom Joad and his family. They are running small farm, when lands
of their neighbors are overtaken by big companys. When drought comes, their situation is getting even worse, and they also lose their possesion. The book tells the history of american lower medium class. Before reading it, I never thought if Americans always was superior and rich. Thanks to book I know, that pre WW2 years were difficult to live in. People were working really hard to make they descendants live such a good standard of  living. Joad's family, like many of poor people from Oklahoma decided to go to California. They got leaflets about work in this sunny land, and set off. These were hard times for whole family. One of their sons left  them, both grandparents died. Moreover living in CA was hard for immigrants. Local government, using police was destroying camps when they were living, the earnings were really low. Reading novel, you can learn how the capitalism works. Book is also about prostesting against big, un-fair companies and government. It's book really worth reading, if you are US citizen, to learn history of your country better, and if you aren't to get know that US citizens worked really hard to acquire world first position for many years.

Frame from movie (1940, John Ford)


12/30 Liverpool - Newcastle

12/30 at CET 20:45 on Anfield we will see encounter of Liverpool and Newcastle United.
It's the 19th round of Barclays Premier League - in my opinion the most interesting
football league. This game is also worth seeing, I think every one of you knows little
bit about the Reds. Hosts, aren't in best form. In last six games at home, they drawed
5 times, won 1 time. Their average scored goal counter was just 0,83 per game, while
their rivals scored 1,83 goals per match, winning 3 times, drawing once, lossing 2 times.
Liverpool goalkeeper let go 0,5 goal per match, while the Magpies' lost average 1,67 per match.
As we can see Newcastle scores more, and losses more. Both teams played with Man City and Man U,
I think you know how these teams are performing recently. Liverpool drawed with both, and Newcas-
tle drawed with ManU, lost 3-1 with Man City. The Reds, with 31 points,are on 6 position, Newcas-
tle has 1 point less. Tommorow, Luis Suarez won't play, he is suspended, and young A. Caroll should
overtake goal scoring. When they met for the last time, match ended with 3:0 result for Liverpool.
Tomorrow in my opinion the Reds will break run of misfortune, and defeat Newcastle 1:0.    

Kid Cudi vs. Crookers - Day 'n' Night

I don't know why, but I can listen it again and again. Somehow hypnotizing.
I'm not really into this type of music, but this is exception. Enjoy listening.

What's up winter !

I don't know what is going on. Maybe it is about global warming. It's the end of December, and there's no signs of winter. In Poland, it's real anomaly. There were years, when snow was falling from the beginning of November. This year snow was laying on the ground for about 3 days. Temperature is up to 10C, should be -10C. Fortunately, especially for kids, these Christmas were snowy. But now, it's raining, I prefer snow to rain, everybody from Northern Hemisphere probably know why. You may not like snow, I'm also not very happy when snow attacks and it's hard not to slip and fall on icy sidewalk, but what is going on? I never trusted in global warming, should I start? Is weather in your country this year different than should be?

Bonus: View from my window taken with crappy camera. This should be covered with white, cold blanket. 


Soccer in your fatherland

So I want to ask, is soccer an important sport in your countries ? I know that it is in England and so, but US, Japan or other Asian countries ? In Poland, which I'm from, it's our national sport. We have hardly no successes, but people love to watch, especially when our national team is playing. Almost every small town has team, there are a lot of small regional leagues. Every little kid like to play soccer,it's also played in school on PE lessons. How it is in your country ? What team are you supporting ?

12/28 Celtic - Rangers

Today at CET 20:45 on Celtic Park we will see two table-top teams game. Celtic, which today is host, is on 2nd place, with 47 pts (15-2-3), and Rangers are on 1st place with just 1 point more - 48 pts (15-3-2). Both teams are from Glasgow, so we call this local derby. All of the Gers losses happened in last 5 matches. Celtic in last six games won all of them, scoring 13,lossing 1 goal, while Rangers (3-1-2),7GF,5GA. When playing on their own stadium, The Bhoys won last 3 matches, 8GF,1GA, Rangers playing away won 1, lost 2, scoring 3, losing 3. I think it will be exciting experience, and result isn't easy to predict, but I think winner today will be Celtic Glasgow.