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12/28 Celtic - Rangers

Today at CET 20:45 on Celtic Park we will see two table-top teams game. Celtic, which today is host, is on 2nd place, with 47 pts (15-2-3), and Rangers are on 1st place with just 1 point more - 48 pts (15-3-2). Both teams are from Glasgow, so we call this local derby. All of the Gers losses happened in last 5 matches. Celtic in last six games won all of them, scoring 13,lossing 1 goal, while Rangers (3-1-2),7GF,5GA. When playing on their own stadium, The Bhoys won last 3 matches, 8GF,1GA, Rangers playing away won 1, lost 2, scoring 3, losing 3. I think it will be exciting experience, and result isn't easy to predict, but I think winner today will be Celtic Glasgow.


  1. agreed! celtic Glasgow without a doubt

  2. My mrs is a Rangers fan, needless to say shes not pleased after the result lol

  3. Good prediction. Rangers had a hard time going into this match and although I thought the weather would suit Rangers better celtic seemed to control the game. +follow