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Everybody have seen Moon for about million times. For many people it may be nothing,
just orb. But in my opinion it's something more. Something more mystical. It was
always important thing in culture of many nations. Thanks to moon people were able
to notice passage of time - by observating Moon phases. That's how lunar calendar
works. It was used by such civilisations as Celtic and Hindu. Maybe some of you know,
that word "month" derived from Proto-Germanic *maenṓth- which is related to Moon. Same
thing is in Polish "miesiąc" means month and also moon (in Old Polish language). In
tribal beliefs, looking at Moon could make you go crazy somehow, especially full Moon.
It was also said by philosophers as Pliny the Elder and Aristotle. One time I heard,
that you shouldn't place baby's bed in Moonlight, because they will become lunatics.
I'm sure it's not true, but it's interesting how people's mind are/were commited to moon.
Of course, people in the past were worshipping Moon as God, usually with Sun as his partner.
Example are Máni and Sól in Norse mythology. I know everyone of you heard lot of legends
about weird things like werewolves and other creatures. Werewolf, is mythological and folkloric
creature. It is human with ability to change in antropomorphic wolf-like being. It's also called
that it can be killed only with silver weapon, or bullet. I know you wouldn't want to meet him
while walking around meadow or forest. The other thing, is lunacy. Person who suffer from it walks
during sleep. It can be dangerous both for him and other people. It must be scary to wake up and see
someone staring at you with closed eyes. Or holding his hands round your neck. It was said that this
disorder is caused by Moon, but there is no evidence to prove it. You know, there's one powerful religion
with crescent as its symbol. I don't know how they understand moon, but probably it's something important for them. Maybe any of You know about it ? We will be able to see full Moon on
9th January 2012, maybe you should check if there is no werewolves in your yard.

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  1. I think the moon and space in general is such a tough subject to grasp because of the fact that we probably ever wont, at least during our lifetime, understand it.

    And I guess there's nothing that proves that werewolves doesn't exist, so you can't be sure they don't ;)

  2. This is a really neat way to think about the moon. I usually think about how pretty it is or the impressiveness of space, but I often forget about how hugely influential it's been here on earth. =)

  3. Makes me wonder what you think about Pluto...

  4. The Moon is beautiful. Someday I will stand on the Moon and watch the world *__*

  5. That's a really nice post man, keep them coming.
    Also, -->Sunday, the day of the Sun
    -->Monday, the day of the moon