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Soccer in your fatherland

So I want to ask, is soccer an important sport in your countries ? I know that it is in England and so, but US, Japan or other Asian countries ? In Poland, which I'm from, it's our national sport. We have hardly no successes, but people love to watch, especially when our national team is playing. Almost every small town has team, there are a lot of small regional leagues. Every little kid like to play soccer,it's also played in school on PE lessons. How it is in your country ? What team are you supporting ?


  1. I'm brazilian, can you guess? ;)
    I root for Gremio!

  2. In the US it is growing, but nowhere near as big as American Football or Baseball. There are more and more kids playing it, hell I love it! But we will never be a huge soccer society like England or Spain or Germany. We won't have much international success either because our best athletes usually go into Football or Basketball - it's where all the money is. Great blog.