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12/30 Liverpool - Newcastle

12/30 at CET 20:45 on Anfield we will see encounter of Liverpool and Newcastle United.
It's the 19th round of Barclays Premier League - in my opinion the most interesting
football league. This game is also worth seeing, I think every one of you knows little
bit about the Reds. Hosts, aren't in best form. In last six games at home, they drawed
5 times, won 1 time. Their average scored goal counter was just 0,83 per game, while
their rivals scored 1,83 goals per match, winning 3 times, drawing once, lossing 2 times.
Liverpool goalkeeper let go 0,5 goal per match, while the Magpies' lost average 1,67 per match.
As we can see Newcastle scores more, and losses more. Both teams played with Man City and Man U,
I think you know how these teams are performing recently. Liverpool drawed with both, and Newcas-
tle drawed with ManU, lost 3-1 with Man City. The Reds, with 31 points,are on 6 position, Newcas-
tle has 1 point less. Tommorow, Luis Suarez won't play, he is suspended, and young A. Caroll should
overtake goal scoring. When they met for the last time, match ended with 3:0 result for Liverpool.
Tomorrow in my opinion the Reds will break run of misfortune, and defeat Newcastle 1:0.    


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