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1/7 Real Madrid - Granada

Saturday, at GMT 7PM on Santiago Bernabeu we will see match between
Real Madrid and Granada. It's the 18th week of season, first
after winter break. Match is part of Primera Division. Real M.
is performing well, both as guests and as hosts. They won 6/7
matches as host, lost 1, with Barcelona, which is performing
outstanding. Los Galacticos scored, when playin on its home
stadium average of 4,14 goals per match, and lost average
1.43 goals per match. Their opponents are on 16th place in
league, won 2/7 matches and lost 5/7 matches, scoring avg.
0.43 goals per match, losing also 1.43 goals per match. How-
ever it's almost certain, that Real will win this match with clean
sheet. In their last match, they showed that they are are able
to get out from difficult situation (http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com
html) - they won scoring 3 goals in last 25 minutes. This game
will be probably very easy for them. Enjoy.

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