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1/14 Chelsea - Sunderland

Chelsea F.C.
Sunderland A.F.C.
Matches played
19 pts, 9 matches – 6/1/3
11 pts, 10 matches – 3/2/5
Goal balance home/away
23 GF / 16 GA = +7
13 GF / 12 GA = +1
Form ( last 6 matches)
2,3,1, (8GF,8GA)
4/1/1, (11GF/6GA)

On Saturday we will se match played between teams of Chelsea F.C. and
Sunderland A.F.C.. Match will be played on Stamford Bridge. The Blues
are on fourth place in division, and their opponents hold tenth place. Team
of Chelsea is performing better, but are not in the best form recently. They
lost their match, with rather weak Aston Villa ( http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.
The Mackems won their last two matches when playing away, with Q.P.R.
and Wigan A. They lost less goals than team of Chelsea in this season, how-
ever they scored also less. The Blues scored average 2.56 goals per match,
and lost 1,78 goal per match, when playing home, and their rivals scored
average 1,3 goal, lost 1,2 goal when playing away. I think Chelsea will do
their best to win, after embarassing loss, and they are the most possible win-
ner in this game. Enjoy

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